Thursday, October 6, 2011

old motion photos

Just found a collection of old photographs, where this picture have the story goes, silly stories and photoshoot
taken about a year ago..okay i will tell you the story
once upon a time, there's a group of friendship, we're found the secret garden and its far far away from where we live.
we're play, we're sing, we're dance, we're steal time.

When we're play around, the other group getting exhausted and decided to go home, but they're forgot that me, uwie, and uki in the other side of park to find a new games. When we're turn around we found that they leave us behind! we're pretty scared that we couldn't go home, but we don't panic! we keep smiling and calm down
the stars: uki, alissa, uwie
We're keep on walking to find the way back home..Fyuuuh! pretty exhausted! its a long and winding road, because the journey makes us bored, the pretty one, UWIE said to us "we have to enjoy this trip!let's singing and dancing!"

While we're walking and dancing we heard the car's engine! And we hope it our friend's car, and then we were right! its lamhot's car! we're so happy but hey! they won't stop! the car is fully loaded and they're laughing at us GRRR! it makes the strong one, UKI become angry, and she told us " i will punch them on face"

So we keep on moving, and thanks god we have the Genius one with us, ALISSA (me). Alissa find any sign to bring us home, from rock to tree, and finally there's a street signs! Now we know we're not far yet.

Woohoo! We're finally back home! But wait, looks who waiting us on the car with evil smile? oh its our Friendenemy! so UKI the strong and big one, kept her promise to punch them on the face!
And finally we won the war! and we live happily ever after
(Photographer: Rahadian Prayudha)

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