Monday, October 17, 2011

The Air That I Breathe

This song really represent my feeling right now, this song is for HIM, he's my buddy and always be my L.
The air that i breathe from maroon 5

People never change,
They seem to stay the same.
They wear different clothes,
But play the same games.

Many different ways
To say the same thing.
Searchin for the right words,
The ones that would make you stay.

Exchanging the way things were
For they way that they should be, And choosing theses words
Is saying to her, The things that she never heard But always deserved.

I figured what it is all about.
It's you that I could never live without.
Your everything,
The air that I breathe.
Stupid not to know it all along,
And everything I ever did was wrong.
Sadly it's too late for sorry.

Oh I'm not even really sure Who made this mess,
And who threw what punch, But I could not care less.
All I know is that I'm here And you are not,
Once I put this wasted pride aside,Nothin's all I got

Somebody make it stop. And pick me up,
And just dust me off, The rainy day flood,
Will drowned all this love.
Trapped at the bottom now, Please dig me up.

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  1. Hi love thanks for your comment and for following me, I'm following you through GF.
    Hope to see you soon back :)