Thursday, October 11, 2012

Keane - Disconnected

I always love an epic music video, and this one, definitely will be my favorite! Keane did a great job on this, its a great match between song and thriller movie. Loved! #IndonesiaWantsKeaneAgain

Photoshoot with Riyanni Djangkaru

Today's photoshoot with Mrs. Riyanni Djangkaru for Esquire

Riyanni's wardrobe by Balenciaga

Cotton ink shirt/Bershka jeans/Ice watch/Forever21 bag

Outfit: Touch of Metallic

Forever21 jumper-Berrybenka pants-Jacobs by Marc Jacobs tote bag

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flight to Tomorrow Land

Dear passengers, welcome to (X)sml terminal, take a seat, and enjoy the (X)sml Annual 12/13 Show 'Tomorrow Land'. Yepp, this year my favorite local brand, (X)sml invited us to enjoy the journey to Tomorrow Land, complete with airplane replica, entrance like airport terminal and sounds of airplane runway.
All i have to say, the concept of this annual show is freakin cool! Before the show began, you'll see the big airplane on the runway stage and sounds like airplane machine. Then, when the lights from the airplane is on, the models started waving hands from the airplane and the plane door began to open. They stepped off the plane, the loud music starts up, and the show began. WOW! best fashion show i've ever seen.
Woops almost forgot, found my pics featured on two fabulous fashion blogs by the way, Big thanks to and also  
Anyway, big thanks to my dear friend, jemima lavie, from all this photos, courtesy by her blog, and dont forget to visit they're blog too fellas! 
Much Loves, Alissa