Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Day, New Life

Its rainy outside, and i just got home about 10 pm (every day). Pretty exhausted after spent my (almost) whole day working (fyuhh), so i need to wrote here to makes my brain happy. Bye the way readers, I had a new job now (the real one) and no longer internship at online media.Thats the reason why i never updating my blog every day or week. Have u heard esquire magazine? Yeah, i work there now as junior fashion stylist. Its great to meet new people every day, doing photoshoot, styling model, borrow some clothes from high end brand, writing the articles and etc. But the deadline...think i have to be friends with that (i wish)..

What i wore: Gaudi jumper/ Mom's skirt/ Forever21 bag/ Gift from UK ankle boots
All photos by: Bemby Ardinugroho

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Keane - Disconnected

I always love an epic music video, and this one, definitely will be my favorite! Keane did a great job on this, its a great match between song and thriller movie. Loved! #IndonesiaWantsKeaneAgain

Photoshoot with Riyanni Djangkaru

Today's photoshoot with Mrs. Riyanni Djangkaru for Esquire

Riyanni's wardrobe by Balenciaga

Cotton ink shirt/Bershka jeans/Ice watch/Forever21 bag

Outfit: Touch of Metallic

Forever21 jumper-Berrybenka pants-Jacobs by Marc Jacobs tote bag

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flight to Tomorrow Land

Dear passengers, welcome to (X)sml terminal, take a seat, and enjoy the (X)sml Annual 12/13 Show 'Tomorrow Land'. Yepp, this year my favorite local brand, (X)sml invited us to enjoy the journey to Tomorrow Land, complete with airplane replica, entrance like airport terminal and sounds of airplane runway.
All i have to say, the concept of this annual show is freakin cool! Before the show began, you'll see the big airplane on the runway stage and sounds like airplane machine. Then, when the lights from the airplane is on, the models started waving hands from the airplane and the plane door began to open. They stepped off the plane, the loud music starts up, and the show began. WOW! best fashion show i've ever seen.
Woops almost forgot, found my pics featured on two fabulous fashion blogs by the way, Big thanks to and also  
Anyway, big thanks to my dear friend, jemima lavie, from all this photos, courtesy by her blog, and dont forget to visit they're blog too fellas! 
Much Loves, Alissa

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weezer's Coming to Town

Its official that Weezer finally confirmed they're concert in Jakarta for January 2013! SO EXCITED! And they said the ticket will be launch tomorrow (25/09/2012), so I'm gonna be a ticket hunter from now on! Wohoo, wish me luck, fellas! :D

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Killers - Read My Mind

One of my favorite song from the Killers. Besides the music and video, i really love the way their dress for this clip, much! They're look fuckin' cool, right? Well, enjoy the music and i hope you'll love it too :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Outfit: Picnic Shirt

Finally another outfit post.. Got this lovely sheer shirt from Picnic, only for $ 15! i wore it with trousers from NyLa+ My it bag from Forever21 and ankle booties from adorable project. Enjoy and leave some comment if u don't mind x)

Outfit: What Sweater?

Unbranded navajo sweater/Gaudi skirt/Daddy's briefcase

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Muse - Madness

Have you guys seen new music video from Muse? It called Madness, and this song is literally Ma ma ma ma ma Madness! Bellamy's voice+solo guitar+drum beat, they're just awesome! I'm Muse fan by the way and I can't wait for having they're new album, second law!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What's New in Alissa's Closet?

When the new one comes, the old one have to go
If u want to make them your own, please kindly send me an email or just leave comment on this post, thank you :D

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Walk off the Earth

Did you guys ever seen Walk off the Earth on Youtube? If you don't, you have to! They're Awesome! Here are some of my favorite videos, enjoy! And THE BEARD MAN, He's just that awesome. Hahahaa

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crowning Night Gogirl Look 2012

7th July, Finally reunited with my girls, my super internship team at Gogirl! It's been a year since we met, and here we are came to Balai Kartini for Crowning Night Gogirl Look 2012 to give big support for our girl, Noviana Safitri or Upil! On the crowning night, she got 3rd place in Gogirl Look 2012, wow very proud of her :) So once again congrats for my little sister Upilo! And for my internship team, can't wait to see you guys again! *kisses and hugs*
What i wore: Portugis top from the Black Label/Skirt from Le Bijou/Tote bag from Forever21/Ankle booties from Adorable Projects

With the 3rd winner
Left to right: Andinia, Rima, Me, Gita, Katherine, Riana
With Gogirl! look 2011

Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby's in Black

What i wore: Sheer shirt from Gaudi/ Gray Pants from NyLa/ Tote Bag from Forever21/ Ankle Boots Wedges from Adorable Projects/ Necklace from Just Wanderlust

Pretty Anthea

Very lucky to have this Anthea outerwear from cotton ink that i bought at the Brightspot day 1! And I heard, it's already sold out on day two, wow! Another lovely stuffs from Cotton Ink <3 Pretty right?
What i wore: Anthea Jacket from Cotton Ink/ Tank top and Bag from Forever 21/ Unbranded long skirt/ Ankle Booties from Adorable Project 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yes It Is

Just got a necklace from Keen Shop! Love love love and thank you Kiku (Rizki Triana) for send it directly to me *smooch*
What i wore: The Lollys Shop-Cut out shirt/Zara-Trousers/Keen Shop-Necklace/Jacobs by Marc Jacobs-Tote bag

Grand Opening M Cafe

For you a dessert holic, Magnum Cafe is back! Now with the new concept which different with Magnum Cafe on the last year. Located in west mall, level 6 at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, for this year M Cafe comes with concept "The House of Chocolate" special for you a pleasure seekers! Oh wait, they also have a rooftop garden too! Before you go there, you can read about the atmosphere of M Cafe here and here.
What i wore: Forever 21 Sequin Sweater/ Pull and Bear Jeans.

Internship Day's at Wolipop

Still in June, our boss at Wolipop made a special article dedicated to the internship there, Me, Tara, and Christy. The article talked about how we (the internship) learn to become a 'lifestyle' journalist. You can read the article here, and wow! It's really an honored for us, thank you Wolipop team *Smiley Face*

Movie Mystery Club Night

Just found this photo that i forgot to shared on my blog wuff.. Not much to say, i wore this outfit to movie mystery club night at whiteboard journal, Kemang, about a month ago (maybe). Well this kind of my casual looks, just keep simple as always ;)
what i wore: Green shirt bought at ps. Senen/ Black shirt from the Boutique/ Pull and Bear jeans/ Oxford shoes from Centro Dept. Store/ Ice watch in Tosca/ And Daddy's bag.

What's In June?

Just shared some random photos about what happened last June, and sorry for the long post! Enjoy ;)
15th June, my mom's birthday <3
lemme introduce you to my little family, my mom, sister and brother :)
Birthday rainbow cake nomnomnom
21th June, Rendi's day :D
epic cake is epic!

25th June, Thanks to Wolipop for the opportunity to be 'the real fashion stylist'
You can see the lookbook here and here
Meet Sylwia, our 'very nice' girl from Poland
With Buba, the make up artist. Look at his work to the model, very very pretty :)
A day with Ocha