Friday, October 21, 2011

Love song for no one

I woke up this morning and i tell myself "No, is not the time to cry, now's the time to find out why" I know there's so many things in life that i have to explore and learn to be a better person, all i have to do is keep moving on and realize that "I'm bigger than my body". But when talked about love, i know that my heart still "bigger" than my brain. hemm i know there's something wrong with me, but its not the stupidest thing in the world, right?
i love to loved him, but even though he love me too "he's just not that into me".  I'm in repair now, and is not over! i tell my self that i'm gonna find another you because i believe that good love is on the way. I'm perfectly lonely but i'm not afraid, there is no reason to feel bad and there are many seasons to feel glad, sad, mad. I know i'll be fine, i always be, when i know that my good friends and my L always on my side. Yeah, In my life, I've loved them all. Maybe then tomorrow will be Monday and whatever's in my head should go away.

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