Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello Ducky

Wew, its been a long long time since my last post on November 2012! Hahahaa Okay for my first post on 2013, first, i'm gonna say there's so many good things happened to me this year. New age, new job, finally graduated from University of Indonesia, but.. still single (BLAH) okay never mind..
Well, lets the stories began:
1. 4th January: My 22nd Birthday 
I spend my birthday with Esquire team, then my good friend came and brought me a very special gift. Underlined it, SPECIAL. Why? Well, I dreamed about my 3 holes Doc Mart since 3 years ago, but when i got money to buy that cuties, i had to spend that money for more important things. In short, on 4th Jan 2013, i finally owned my lovely 3 holes. Ooh yeah! Feel so blessed and thankful, thank you God, and... Rendi Pratama for those lovely shoes, love love love!

More stories on my next post :) (soon)

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