Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Day, New Life

Its rainy outside, and i just got home about 10 pm (every day). Pretty exhausted after spent my (almost) whole day working (fyuhh), so i need to wrote here to makes my brain happy. Bye the way readers, I had a new job now (the real one) and no longer internship at online media.Thats the reason why i never updating my blog every day or week. Have u heard esquire magazine? Yeah, i work there now as junior fashion stylist. Its great to meet new people every day, doing photoshoot, styling model, borrow some clothes from high end brand, writing the articles and etc. But the deadline...think i have to be friends with that (i wish)..

What i wore: Gaudi jumper/ Mom's skirt/ Forever21 bag/ Gift from UK ankle boots
All photos by: Bemby Ardinugroho

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