Sunday, November 6, 2011

Five for fighting- All I Know

One of my favorite song from Disney movie soundtrack, soundtrack of Chicken little, all i know from five for fighting. I haven't heard this song anymore since a long long time, now i started to listening this song over and over again, sounds cliche but this song really represent my feelings right now :"( i'm not in a good mood lately and there's nothing i can do..pathetic..

I bruise you
You bruise me
We both bruise so easily
Too easily to let it show
I love you, and thats all I know

And all my plans
keep falling through
All my plans they
Depend on you
Depend on you
To help them grow
I love you
And thats all I know

When the singer's gone
Let the song go on
It's a fine line between
The darkness and the dawn
They say in the darkest night
Theres a light beyond

And the ending always
Comes at last
Endings always
Come too fast
They come too fast
And they pass too slow
I love you
And thats all, its really all I know
Its all I know

Its all I know

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