Friday, May 4, 2012

Srikantil and Friends

What Srikantil is? sounds weird right?hahahhaaa thats my friends band with 'similikiti' genre (really don't know what does it means), they just play music for having fun and it comes whatever they like, end of introduction.
so the srikantil band become a guest star on MBJ(Malam Balas Jasa) 2011, so here we are 2008 gangs came to that event to bring our support for the band. Anyway, its been a long time we're not spending time together, seriously thesis things and whatever really killing our having fun time! so big thank for 2011, for invited us and specially Srikantil band as a guest star. Full of laugh and wave of joy :)
Talked about outfit, i wore sixence leah nude, zara trousers, mazzee necklace, and retail therapy clogs :)

Srikantil Band :)

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