Saturday, March 24, 2012

Music For Sale Far Away From You


My world without you baby seems so cold
can't live without you baby I need you so
I would give up all my life if you come home to me

It's not the distance baby that made me go
We never see each other and it made me know
Love that we share was so far and I cant never show

Baby I couldn't lie that I miss you so
you keep saying goodbye and I keep saying hello
Baby I realize that I love you more
each time

And I know it's your future and I understand
I can't be someone baby that you think I am
I was a fool cause I know I was letting you go

I just can't stand to be far away from you
I had my doubt will I couldn't wait for you
baby I made some mistakes but you know that is true

Tonight I'll be wishing that you would come home to me
but you if you're not coming I just wanna let you see
baby I am not fine cause I want you back to me.. tonight


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  2. thank you darl!i'll follow yours too :)