Friday, January 6, 2012

Officialy 21

4th Jan was my birthday and i've got a BIG surprise from my superb Bebekism! They don't come at 00.00am (but hey, if they come in the middle of the night, its not surprising me this much) they come about 03.00pm when I began to think no one will give me some birthday surprise (-___-") hahahaaa but i'm so glad they came to my house, bring cake and yelling out loud "SURPRISEEEEE" and i just :0 with 'catokan' in my hand LOL! we ordering jumbo pizza, drinking bottle of wine, coke, eating my birthday cake, eating noodle, and take some pictures and of course we're having joy and Lot of Laugh.
And after all, i wanna say THANK YOU ALLAH for the joy day you gave in to me, for having a lot of good friends and family who cares of me and my 21number :)

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