Sunday, December 4, 2011

4th Dec 1997

Today is 4th December so i wanna say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE BROTHER" yup yup its my little brother birthday Ananda Auzan Arief, or we called him Ojan :) he's 14 now but hmm he still looks like a little boy for me, now talked about ojan, what can i say he's the laziness person in my family member, when he's on the outside he act like a boss! But inside house, he act like a little baby, he even still can't sleep without his baby blanket (the blue blanket that turn in to uncolored), he was the last child so no wonder if we consider him like a 10years old boy ever.. so once again happy birthday jan, i'm wishing you nothing but the best for your life and your future,and sorry for not being there to celebrate your day with you and mom,kiss and hug from your lovely sister. Sincerely, Alissa.

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