Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letters to chrome

25 Sept was my bad bad day! I lost my Blackberry at Cilandak Town Square (Citos) last night, still shock till this morning (i really do) :(  i miss my BB right now, i wrote anything on it (from my plans, my wishlist, my finance for a month, etc.). It lost (totally forgot that i leaved her) at females bathrooms, and i still thinking "how could a woman become a thief?why don't she give it to security around there?" yeah no use to regret what has happened now, it become learning for me to be more careful then before. 
And for the last i wanna say: 
"Dear my lovely chrome (my BB's name), i'm sorry for hurt you when im upset, i'm sorry for leaved you last night, you're my best friends who always accompany me when i'm bored, cried, upset, happy (there's too many stories on my chat history that i won't to deleted). I bought you with my own money that's why it really makes me feel guilty now :( i love you chrome, i really do, come home soon, i miss you..."
now its really No alarms and no surprises...Silent...silent...

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