Saturday, July 9, 2011

internship things

About a month ago, i've got internship as a costume assistant, on gogirl magazine for gogirl look 2011 event. Its really fun! when my other friends got internship on government offices, i having fun with the fabrics, properties, lot of clothes, photo spread, photos product, and many more FUN-activities :p. it started from 6th June and end up on 4th July and between that, i've got many experienced and lessons from the expert, and also a lot of moments (from sewing, glittering, find props, coloring, laughing, running man, sushi, teary moments and crying together)  that i won't forget and regret.
before Nicholin photo shoot

the coolest female photographer (Nicholin photo shoot) on action
while waiting the models shopping at gaudi Grand Indo
with the models
with my boyfie (bayurisa) :p
me, michelle, mba media with hairpiece
crowning night
internship mate full team!
costume ranger!
 keketh the hula hoop queen!
we take a lot of photos in our last day internship, from left to right up (mas agung, monik, novi, riana, me, mba stella, mba shayla, and keketh) from right to left bottom (mas arman, rema, kiki, nia, rima, and githa) we're having a lot of fun together, and i'm gonna miss u guys :")

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